Garyu Sanso: Serene Union of Nature and Tea

Slip backwards in time to a world of aesthetic sensibility and sublime gardens.
For those interested in history, Garyu Sanso has long been a safe haven for Japanese people to reflect and soothe their minds, and to retreat from the strife of war and human conflict. The first garden was established in the Bunroku era (1688-1704) by Kanbei Watanabe, and this scenic spot was chosen. Since then, a number of people throughout history have been deeply enamored with Garyu Sanso and have dedicated themselves to its development and preservation. The word, “Garyu”, was used because the nearby Mount Horai resembles a dragon that is lying down. “Sanso” can be translated as “mountain retreat” or “lodge”.

Considering the union of tea house and garden, it is little wonder that the people of Ozu have long protected and cared for this place. The tea house architecture and delicate care from floorboards, to windows, to calm and meditative views which are marvelous in all seasons, the Garyu Sanso has long been treasured as a place that epitomizes the Japanese aesthetic concept of “wabi-sabi”, a feeling of both transience and imperfection, purity and simplicity, and an appreciation of imbalances and natural incompleteness.
DirectionsBy the Ozu City Circular Bus, “Gururin”: (get off at Asamoya-Mae bus stop), 6 minutes.
By the Iyotetsu Nanyo Bus (get off at Ozu-Honmachi bus stop), 7 minutes.
By the Uwajima Jidosha Bus (get off at Ozu-Honmachi bus stop), 7 minutes.