Traditional Streets of the Yokaichi-Gokoku Areas

A townscape graced with rows of traditional buildings
The old streets of the Yokaichi-Gokoku areas are lined with merchant houses, warehouses, and private residences from the late Edo, Meiji and Taisho periods. The areas are designated as ‘Important Preservation Districts’ thanks to the array of traditional local architecture on display. Enjoy rambling through the town with a pleasant breeze at your back while appreciating the continued lifestyles of the local residents. Unique and creative decorations can be seen on each building in this old-fashioned neighbourhood.
Address 愛媛県喜多郡内子町内子
Telephone Number 0893-44-5212
Directions(Closest bus stop)
By Iyotetsu Nanyo Bus: Chisei-Bashi bus stop (7 min.)
Parking(Machinami car park) 80 car parking spaces and 15 coach parking spaces available
Cars: 300yen, Coaches: 1,020yen
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Website UCHIKO「Yokaichi & Gokoku Historic District Preservation Zone」