Q.Do you have any information about railways?

A.For more information about JR Shikoku, please refer to the following HP.

JR Shikoku HP https://www.jr-shikoku.co.jp/global/en/
FAQ https://www.jr-shikoku.co.jp/global/en/accept/faq.html

Q.Are there any discount tickets within Shikoku?

A.ALL SHIKOKU Rail Passes are available. Please refer to the following URL for details.

Highway bus

Q.Is there a way to check the routes and schedules of express buses?

A.For information on express buses to Shikoku and express buses within Shikoku, please refer to the JR Shikoku Bus website.

JR Shikoku Bus HP https://japanbusonline.com/en/AllRouteList?id=msg_Area_7#msg_Pref_736


Q.Can I make reservations for accommodations?

A.We are sorry. We do not provide reservation arrangement services. Please make reservations through a travel agent or on the Internet.




Q.Do you have a list of accommodations available?

A. We are sorry. Please search through a travel agent or on the Internet.

Luggage Delivery Service

Q.Is there a luggage delivery service to hotels available?

A.For baggage delivery service to hotels in the following areas, please see below.
For Shodoshima Island (Kagawa Prefecture), the service is provided from the port of Tonosho.
Please note that the provider differs for each area.

Kochi area: https://kochi-tabi.jp/img/media/1646179825636.pdf
Tokushima area: https://discovertokushima.net/en/wp-content/uploads/sites/2/2024/01/d1f56d6f1d0a513b85cab7fb247bc928-scaled.jpg
Shodoshima area: https://shodoshima-tebura.com/pdf/english.pdf

Tourist Attractions

Q.What are some recommended tourist spots in Shikoku?

A.Shikoku has many attractive tourist spots.
Please refer to the following URL

Sightseeing Map

Q.Do you have a tourist map of Shikoku?

A.It can be downloaded from the following URL (Title: "SHIKOKU MAP")


Q.Can you create an itinerary for the trip, please?

A.We are sorry. We do not prepare travel itineraries. Please refer to the following model course.



Q.Do you have information on interpreter guides?_

A.Please see below.



Q.Are there any restaurants that serve vegan or halal meals?_

A.Please refer to the following URL.

Shikoku Pilgrimage

Q.How should I go about completing the pilgrimage?

A.It does not mean that you have to go around in order, starting from the first. You can start from any of the temples. You do not have to visit all of the temples on a single trip; you may choose to visit several temples for one visit, or you may select a few temples to visit. You can plan your tour according to your itinerary, schedule, physical fitness, and pace. Please refer to the following URL.

Q.Do you have a guide map for the pilgrimage?

A.It can be downloaded from the following URL (Title: "Shikoku Henro_Pilgrimage to the 88 Sacred Places").