Ozu City

Step back into history in this traditional castle town
Ozu City, located in western Ehime, originated as a castle town and today, still retains its historical charm with its preserved alleyways and traditional structures. One of the city’s greatest lures is Ozu Castle. This castle stands beside the Hijikawa River and was recently rebuilt in the early 2000s using primarily traditional construction techniques. The commanding presence of the castle’s main keep and adjacent turrets truly embody Japan's past. You can even spend the night at the castle! Since the castle only hosts private parties, you will truly feel like a castle owner as you enjoy delicious meals and captivating performances.

Located southeast of Ozu Castle is the city’s old town. Here, you can wander down stone streets lined with old fashioned houses from both the Edo (1603-1868) and Meiji (1868-1912) periods. Some highlights of the area include the Ozu Redbrick Hall, a western-styled building from the Meiji Period; Pokopen Yokocho Alley, a street lined with wooden stalls selling an assortment of products and foods; and Garyu Sanso Villa, an aesthetic villa with landscaped gardens, picturesque architecture, and lovely views of the Hijikawa River.

Thanks to its high samurai population and involvement in tea gatherings, Ozu also developed a persevering tea and confectionary culture. Today, you can still enjoy a number of traditional treats, including shigure (a blend of sweet red bean paste and rice flour) and gessomochi (round bracken starch covered with sweet toasted soybean flour and filled with sweet red bean paste).
Address 〒795-0012 愛媛県大洲市大洲649-1
Telephone Number 0893-24-7060
DirectionsApprox. 25 mins walk from Iyo-Ozu Station
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