Konpira Grand Theatre (Kanamaruza)

This theatre preserves the feeling of the Edo period
 Built in 1835, this is Japan’s oldest existing ‘shibaigoya’ theatre. It has been designated as a National Important Cultural Heritage.
Here you can see the traditions of the Edo period theatre – the ‘manekigaki’ with the names of the performers written, the ‘hanamichi’ walkway through which the actors enter and exit, and the ‘sajikiseki’ where the guest can sit and watch the performance. In 2003, there were repairs done to reconstruct a few of the traditional features of the theatre, such as the ‘budodana’ which was used to blow snow-like confetti onto the stage and the ‘kakesuji’ which is an classic structure for lifting actors into the air.
In the Edo period, catching a performance at the theatre was one main attraction for pilgrims to the Kotohiragu shrine from all around the country. These days, there is the Shikoku Konpira Kabuki Performance every spring, which features famous performers. All sets are moved by human power, recreating the Edo period feeling for you today.
Address 〒766-0001 香川県仲多度郡琴平町1241
Telephone Number 0877-73-3846
Business Hours9:00-17:00
Days Closed for BusinessNo holidays (There are some closings during performance periods)
PriceAdult 500 JPY, Middle and High School 300 JPY, Children 200 JPY
* 20 percent discount for groups over 15 people
Directions●Kotoden Kotohira Station
Approx. 60 minutes from Takamatsu Chikko Station on the Kotohira Line. Approx. 5 minutes from Kotoden Kotohira Station.

●Approx. 60 minutes from JR Takamatsu Station on the Tosa Line. Approx. 10 minute walk from JR Kotohira Station.

●Zentsuji IC
Approx. 15 minutes from Zentsuji IC by car

●Takamatsu Airport
Airport Limousine Bus available
Approx. 40 minutes from Takamatsu Airport Station to JR Kotohira Station. Approx. 5 minutes from JR Kotohira Station by car.
ParkingNot available 
* Public transportation organizations can use paid parking lots
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