Kashiwa Island: Paradise in Azure Waters

Luxurious pure water cruising, kayaking, and snorkeling
Kashiwa Island is located on the tip of southwest Kochi Prefecture. It is a tiny island that is only 4 kilometers in circumference and is very secluded and remote. As such it is pristine and untouched. The water is clear and transparent in hues of blue and emerald green. The Kuroshio Current flows south to north from the Philippines and brings with it water that is both salty and warm. The current brings with it an abundance of bounty from the sea in skipjack tuna, turban shellfish, and lobster.

While deep in the clear waters snorkelers and divers may explore one of the clearest diving places in the world, other adventurers will be equally thrilled to enjoy paddling around the island, be it in canoe, kayak, or stand-up paddle boarding (SUP). The water is so clear and pure it feels as if you are drifting on a mirror, on an almost surreal flawless surface.

Visitors can enjoy the splendor of three separate beaches on Kashiwa Island, they are the Ryugahama Campsite, Shirahama, and the Kashiwajima Bridge beach. You might also wish to treat yourself a panoramic view of the whole island from the Odo Observatory.
What to See & Do
Directions2 hours and 40 minutes drive from Kochi City.