Kotohiki Hachimangu Grand Festival

Joyful Harvest Festival
Come to the Kotohiki Hachimangu Grand Festival and celebrate with locals the autumn harvest. Giant portable shrines, hoisted up on the shoulders of groups representing different parts of the city gather together for a boisterous and noisy celebration to the end of the harvest season.

There are nine different drumming groups, representing different associations and groups. The shrine celebrates the story of an 8th century monk named, Nissho Shounin who witnessed the god, Hachiman, while playing the koto on a boat.

The Kotohiki Hachimangu is a very impressive and stately shrine. Complete with a main hall for worship, various shrines around the grounds, a beautiful stone gate, memorial tower, and statue of the Kotohiki Goddess, this shrine is beloved and carefully maintained by locals. This location is also very historically relevant as it once was a place where Shinto and Buddhist beliefs were celebrated in the same location.

The festival typically takes place on the third weekend of October
DirectionsFrom Kannonji Station to Hachiman Shrine
24 minutes by foot
5 minutes by car or taxi