The Murakami Suigun Boat Race

Exhilarating boat races off the Oshima coast
In late July, cool off with the Murakami Suigun Boat Race—an exciting waterside event. Held annually on Oshima island in Ehime prefecture, the event celebrates the Seto Inland Sea’s suigun, or pirate, culture with exhilarating boat races of more than 60 teams from inside and outside the prefecture. The Murakami suigun are especially renowned as they once controlled the waters around the Seto islands. Watch as these 12-manned boats face off in a contest of speed and mastery. The event also features delicious festival food, such as yakitori (skewered chicken) and seafood, and unleashes mesmerizing fireworks display after the races. While you are in the area, visit the nearby Murakami Suigun Museum to learn more about this intriguing side of Japan.
Address 〒794-2203 愛媛県今治市宮窪町宮窪1285
Telephone Number 0897-86-2008
Business HoursHeld in Late July from 8:40–20:30pm
DirectionsApprox. 30 mins from Imabari Station to Oshima Eigyosho (Miyakubo) by bus
Approx. 5 mins from Oshima Eigyosho (Miyakubo) by bus
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