シーウォーカー ~無人島で海底を歩く!~
Take a stroll in this underwater garden
The Seawalker enables you to breathe and walk underwater wearing a uniquely-designed helmet. Located in the Uwakai Kaichu Koen Marine Park, the first specially designated marine park in Japan, Kashima (Ainan-cho) is a hidden gem for divers in Japan known for its beautiful hermatypic coral and schools of fish. Without needing to remove glasses, contact lenses or make-up, visitors can explore this unique colourful underwater world.
Near Uwajima
Address 〒798-4205 愛媛県南宇和郡愛南町船越1599
Telephone Number 0895-82-0280
Business HoursOpen 10am – 4pm (from 18 July to 31 August)
Days Closed for BusinessClosed from 1 September to 17 July
PriceAdults (over 16) 6,500yen, Children (10-15) 4,500yen
*Additional charge of 500yen during 8 August and 16 August
*Prices include tax, insurance and boots
*Prices do not include transportation to and from Kashima by sea (Return ticket: Adults 560yen)
*Minimum height of 120cm required
Directions(Closest bus stop)
By Uwajima Jidosha Bus: Funakoshi bus stop (11 min.)
Parking120 car parking spaces, 6 coach parking spaces available
Free parking
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