Muroto UNESCO Global Geopark

The Muroto UNESCO Global Geopark is a popular tourist spot, with its abundant nature. Located on the tip of the Muroto Peninsula in Kochi, even now the lands continue to uplift by earthquakes which occur every 100 to 150 years, and you can feel the dynamism of the planet.

In 2011, it was approved as a Global Geoparks Network member. The Muroto UNESCO Global Geopark encompasses the entire administrative district of Muroto City, with a total area of 248.20km2. You can learn and experience the geology, history, lifestyle and food cultures which live in harmony with the dynamic natural features across the region.

For example, Cape Hane used to be located on the sea floor in the distant past. It is a rocky area which has risen out of the water due to geological shifts resulting from earthquakes. You can still discover trace fossils where shellfish once crawled when you walk through it. Similarly, the Nishiyama Plateau is a largely agricultural region that makes good use of marine terraces, generated by similar forces. Cape Muroto is a site with more geological and ecological features than anywhere else in Muroto. Take a walk on the walking path to enjoy views of rocks which see floor had been uplifted and subtropical vegetation. English guided tours along Cape Muroto, available with reservations, will give you some interesting information on the area.

To fully enjoy the Muroto UNESCO Global Geopark, we recommend visiting the Muroto Global Geopark Center first. You can learn about the feature of geology, nature, history, and culture of the area through videos and displays, and gather tourism information at the information desk. They also rent out bicycles, and we recommend using bicycles with this facility as a hub when exploring Muroto.

The website also offers listings of courses suitable for solo visitors.
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