Awaji Whirlpools Naruto Prefectural Uzunomichi

Experience the whirlpools and the Great Naruto Bridge up close!
Uzunomichi is a 450-meter walkway and whirlpool observation facility located inside the Great Naruto Bridge, a bridge connecting Honshu and Shikoku. Visitors can experience the whirlpools and the Great Naruto Bridge up close. In Naruto Park, there are many other attractions, including an observation deck overlooking the Great Naruto Bridge and the whirlpools, scenic spots, the Great Naruto Bridge Memorial Museum "Eddy", the Otsuka International Art Museum, Escahill Naruto, and sightseeing boats. Enjoy a sightseeing tour using the walkway!
What to See & Do
Address 徳島県鳴門市鳴門町土佐泊浦字福池65
Telephone Number 088-683-6262