Zenigata Sunae (View from the summit observation deck in Kotohiki Park)

A power spot with a huge sand drawing of an Edo period coin
 Kotohiki Park is a 48 ha expanse of black pine habitat located in the Ariakehama area facing the Seto Inland Sea. In the middle of the pine forest on a white-sand beach, there is a huge sand picture with the inscription ‘Kan’ei Tshuho’.
Kan’ei Tsuho is a currency that was used in the Edo period. The sand picture is 122 m east-to-west, 90 m north-to-south, and has a 345 meter circumference.
According to legend, the picture was constructed in one night as part of an effort to welcome the local rulers in 1633. It is said that if you see the picture you will live a long and healthy life, and have no problems with money. The sand picture area is off-limits, but you can look down on it from the summit observation deck in Kotohiki Park. The nice round shape is very clear from this vantage point.
Kotohiki Park is very popular for its beautiful vistas. Sunset is particularly memorable, as well as the lighting that illuminates the sand picture at night (sunset-22:00).
Address 香川県観音寺市有明町
Telephone Number 0875-24-2150
Business HoursFree inside the park
Days Closed for BusinessNo holidays
Directions●JR Kanonji Temple Station
Approx. 50 minutes from JR Takamatsu Station on Yosan Line special express. Approx. 5 minutes from JR Kanonji Temple Station by car.

●Sanuki Toyohama IC
15 minutes from Sanuki Toyohama IC by car

●Takamatsu Airport
Approx. 75 minutes from Takamatsu Airport by car
* Can accommodate large buses
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