[Drive] Activities and Nature

[Drive] Activities and Nature
Six-day and five-night course to enjoy Shikoku's natural beauty and a variety of experiences (e.g.,Rafting in the canyon,cultural experience etc.)
【DAY 1】

Kochi Airport

  • Kochi Airport
Rent a car and leave
40 minutes by car

Tosa Japanese Paper Industrial Art Village

  • Tosa Japanese Paper Industrial Art Village
This roadside station is located on the side of National Route 194 in Kashiki, Ino Town, Agawa County. It features accommodations offering views of the Niyodo River, a restaurant that offers cuisine made with seasonal local ingredients, a spa with medicinal baths and saunas, a gallery in a renovated storehouse, a farmer’s market, and more. Visitors can also try their hand at activities such as making Tosa Washi paper, weaving (reservation required), or canoeing the Niyodo River (reservation required).

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15 minutes by car

Niyodo Blue

  • Niyodo Blue
  • Niyodo Blue
  • Niyodo Blue
  • Niyodo Blue
  • Niyodo Blue
  • Niyodo Blue
  • Niyodo Blue
  • Niyodo Blue
  • Niyodo Blue
  • Niyodo Blue
Niyodo Blue is a mysterious color born from the miraculously clear Niyodo River. It was named by the photographer Nobuyuki Takahashi, who was entranced by its beauty while taking a series of scenic shots.

A flow of cobalt blue, transparent down to the riverbed...
Deep blue waterfall basins that drink deeply of the clear waters...
Beautiful azure pools, like spills of ink on the landscape...

The river holds many distinct natural colors over its 124km in length, owing to differences in the environment, the position of the sun, and the changing of the seasons. Its beauty has become well-known in recent years, and visitors continue to increase by the year. Its popularity is partially due to the convenience of access from nearby Kochi City. Please see for yourself the mysterious blues created by the Niyodo River and its tributaries, which have continuously ranked number 1 in Japan for water quality.
50 minutes by car

Konoka Onsen

  • Konoka Onsen
This hot spring in is located on the side of National Route 194 in Kuwaze, Ino Town, Agawa County. Its iron-containing sodium chloride hot springs are said to help with conditions including nerve pain, muscle soreness, and joint pain, chronic digestive diseases, chronic skin diseases, sensitivity to cold, sickliness in children, chronic women’s diseases, menstrual disorders, fatigue, bruises, sprains, and more. The spa, which is open to day bathers, features open-air baths from which bathers can hear the sound of the nearby Kuwaze River. The inn’s attached restaurant offers views of the nature along the river. Roadside Station Konoka is also adjacent to the inn.
【DAY 2】
50 minutes by car

Driving along the UFO Line

Enjoy a drive with spectacular views!
  • Driving along the UFO Line
It was used in a TOYOTA commercial and is a popular driving course with a breathtaking view that leads to the sky. This place is called the "UFO Line" because of the UFOs seen in photos taken by hikers. Please note that it will be closed for the winter from late November to early April!
80 miunutes by car

Saijosoba kinoe

  • Saijosoba kinoe
Serve homemade handmade soba noodles. The water is "Meisui Uchinuki," selected as one of the 100 best waters in Japan, and the buckwheat flour is made only in Japan.
40 miuntes by car

Ishizuchi Tozan Ropeway

Ropeway to Ishizuchi Shrine Chugu Jojusha.
  • Ishizuchi Tozan Ropeway
Ishizuchi from Saijo City. Ishizuchi from Saijo City to the summit of the mountain. It takes about 8 minutes from Shimotani Station at the foot of the mountain (455 meters above sea level) to Seijo Station at the summit (1,300 meters above sea level). The magnificent view from the ropeway as it climbs steeply up the mountain and the temperature difference between Shimotani Station and Seijo Station are astonishing. The area is also equipped with a promenade for hiking, ski slopes, and an observatory with a 360-degree panoramic view, making it an easy spot to enjoy mountain climbing.
After getting off the ropeway, walk

Ishizuchi Shrine Chugu Jojusha

Cultivate fortitude and pray for the fulfillment of things.
  • Ishizuchi Shrine Chugu Jojusha
Ishizuchi Shrine is one of the four Ishizuchi shrines, consisting of the Summit Shrine on the top of the mountain, the Dochigoya Hall of Worship, the Head Office, and the Jyoshisha Shrine. Ishizuchi Shrine, the story of the founding of Mt. Ishizuchi is told in the legend "The Old Man Sharpening His Axe and Yakushokaku," in which an ascetic named Yakushokaku founded the highest mountain in western Japan about 1,300 years ago and said, "My wish has been fulfilled. Ishizuchi, the shrine is widely worshipped as an important base for mountain climbing and as a shrine for the fulfillment of various wishes.
After descending the mountain by ropeway, 30 minutes by car

Yunotani Onsen 

100% spring water hot spring with the aroma of sulfur
  • Yunotani Onsen 
This is a historic hot spring where Emperor Saimei is said to have bathed. It has long been believed to be effective in treating illnesses, and is still popular among local residents as a therapeutic hot spring bath. The baths are filled with the faint scent of sulfur, which is unique to hot springs, and hot spring flowers float in the bathtubs, giving the baths a tasteful appearance that is unmistakably hot spring. The bathtub is filled with hot spring water with flowers floating in it, giving the bathhouse an elegant appearance that is the very essence of a hot spring.
【DAY 3】
90 minutes by car

Oboke Gorge

  • Oboke Gorge
The valley, formed by water erosion of crystalline schist, looks like a towering marble sculpture, and the cherry blossoms in spring and the autumn leaves in fall add color to the clear stream.
30 minutes by car

Restaurant Oboke Mannaka

  • Restaurant Oboke Mannaka
This restaurant is located at the pier for sightseeing boats touring the Oboke Gorge, a famous area in Yamashiro Town, Miyoshi City, Tokushima Prefecture. Many people visit to enjoy a meal while watching the scenery of the Yoshino River, which changes it appearance with each season. The restaurant serves classic Western dishes such as curry and omelette with rice as well as cuisine made with local produce such as “Iya soba noodles,” salt-grilled river fish such as sweetfish, and an eel on rice bowl. “Yokai Hitotsume Rice Bowl,” named after a local mythical creature legend and “Hidaru Ramen” are also popular.
5 minutes by car

Rafting in Yoshino River

  • Rafting in Yoshino River
  • Rafting in Yoshino River
Would you like to try world-class rapids in Shikoku? You should definitely go to Yoshino River!

Over 40,000 people a year enjoy rafting on the world-class rapids of the Yoshino River which also hosted the World Championships in 2017!
15 minutes by car

Oboke-Iya Hot Spring Village Accommodation

  • Oboke-Iya Hot Spring  Village Accommodation
Oboke-Iya Hot Spring Village is located in the middle of Shikoku. There are several hot springs of different qualities in the Iya Valley, one of the three most mysterious places in Japan, and in Oboke, where the Yoshino River flows through Shikoku Saburo. These hot spring resorts in the mountains heal their visitors with their beautiful nature and the kindness of their people.

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【DAY 4】
110 minutes by car

Sanuki Mengyo, Matsunami Store

  • Sanuki Mengyo, Matsunami Store
The restaurant has been in the noodle business for 90 years, spanning three generations. Especially popular is the "Tendon Set" (980 yen), which includes cola udon noodles and tendon. The generous portions at an affordable price are popular among people of all ages.
15 minutes by car


  • Takamatsu
Return the rental car!
10 minutes on foot

Takamatsu Port

  • Takamatsu Port
To Shodoshima by boat
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60 minutes by boat from Takamatsu Port

Shodoshima Tonosho Port Ferry Terminal

  • Shodoshima Tonosho  Port Ferry Terminal
Rent a bicycle at the shared bike port at the ferry terminal.
50 minutes by bicycle

Roadside station Shodoshima Olive Park

The original source of Japanese olives, with a Mediterranean feel
  • Roadside station Shodoshima Olive Park
  • Roadside station Shodoshima Olive Park
  • Roadside station Shodoshima Olive Park
  • Roadside station Shodoshima Olive Park
  • Roadside station Shodoshima Olive Park
  • Roadside station Shodoshima Olive Park
  • Roadside station Shodoshima Olive Park
  • Roadside station Shodoshima Olive Park
  • Roadside station Shodoshima Olive Park
  • Roadside station Shodoshima Olive Park
 This Greek-style park is constructed on the top of a hill overlooking the Seto Inland Sea.
The spacious grounds are planted with about 2,000 olive trees and more than 130 different types of herb. You can use these to make your own sachet and potpourri at the Herb Craft-kan. There are many other herb-related items for sale at the Herb Shop Pukoriko.
The Olive Kinenkan has a restaurant where you can enjoy dishes using olive, and there are also many herb-related items collected here – great for souvenir shopping.
There are many symbols of the friendship between Shodoshima and its Greek sister city Miros, including the Greek windmill, and the Fureai Hiroba, with its old-style Greek buildings. The natural hotspring ‘San Olive Hotspring’ is also recommended.
30 minutes by bicycle

Bay Resort Hotel Shodoshima

  • Bay Resort Hotel Shodoshima
【DAY 5】
15 minutes by bicycle

Yama-Roku Shoyu Co.

  • Yama-Roku Shoyu Co.
A 150-year old soy sauce manufacturer located on the southeastern part of Shodoshima Island—an area known for soy sauce production. Adding a compressor in 1949, it switched from making mash to soy sauce. They focus on the barrel-distilling Shodoshima Island is known for, using only cedar barrels. “Tsuru-sho” is a mellow, full soy sauce made with deep re-distilling methods, and “kiku-sho” uses Tanba kurozu beans with their softly-aromatic sweetness and richness. Also, you can see the moromi plant for free, and enjoy soy sauces at the open cafe inside.
10 minutes by bicycle

Shodoshima Sakate Port Ferry Terminal

  • Shodoshima Sakate Port Ferry Terminal
Return the bicycle and take a boat to Kobe.

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210 minutes by boat

Kobe Sannomiya Ferry Terminal

  • Kobe Sannomiya Ferry Terminal
Upon arrival, buses are available from the ferry terminal to Sannomiya Station.
30 minutes by bus and on foot

Kobe Accommodation

  • Kobe Accommodation
【DAY 6】
50 minutes by car

Universal Studios Japan

  • Universal Studios Japan
A theme park in Osaka City. Come enjoy a variety of attractions based on famous Hollywood movies including Jaws and Jurassic Park. Following the popular Wizarding World of Harry Potter, they opened the Minion Park in 2017 to great domestic and international interest. There is also the Universal Cool Japan area with limited collaboration attractions based on popular video games and anime.

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50 minutes by car

Kansai Airport(Osaka)

  • Kansai Airport(Osaka)