Tobe Zoological Park of Ehime Prefecture

Meet the lively animals of the largest zoo in western Japan
 America Street
America Street is home to American natives including squirrel monkeys, llamas and condors.

 Water Zone
Watch penguins swimming freely in a large pool and colourful flamingos standing one- legged on the shore. While the penguins out of water offer a different look at this unique bird.

 Snake House
The Snake House is home to reptiles from all over the world as well as a range of nocturnal animals. You can see large and small snakes coiling themselves up, crocodiles and iguanas too frightening to get close to, and nocturnal owls and flying squirrels.

 Bear Street

Meet the popular polar bear “Peace”, sea lions and Ezo brown bears on Bear Street. Enjoy the bears’ adorable behaviour as they munch and play among the hanging branches.

 Little World

In Little World, children can touch small animals such as rabbits and guinea pigs. The specially-designed building offers perfect views of animals as they behave in the wild. Watch red pandas running overhead and otters moving between water and shore.

  Asia Street

Asia Street is home to a range of animals including Japanese macaques, camels and deer. The Japanese macaques live in groups as they do in their native rocky mountain habitats. Observe parents and children groom and feed each other.

 Australia Street

Australia Street offers encounters with the popular animals of Australia including kangaroos, emus and wallabies. The country is home to many uniquely evolved species and this is the only location in Japan where the endangered cassowary can be seen.

 Monkey Town

In Monkey Town more than 20 different species of monkeys from around the world are housed. The main feature of this area is an orangutan’s tightrope walk between high steel towers. Don’t miss one of the scheduled performances in front of a crowd of adoring observers!

 Africa Street

Africa Street is the land of “the king of the beasts” and in addition to lions there are leopards and giraffes gracefully feeding on leaves. The enclosure is designed like a vast savannah allowing the animals to be seen in their native habitat. The freedom allowed to these incredible animals offers a vastly different viewing experience from the typical caged animal.

 Elephant (Zo) Street

Elephant Street is home to both elephants and tigers. There are no other zoos in Japan where African elephant parents and children live together. Their affectionate looks are heart-warming. The powerful tigers display both the fierce look of a big cat on the prowl and the sweet appearance of taking a napping cat. With a bit of luck you will get to hear the roar of a white tiger!
Address 愛媛県伊予郡砥部町上原町240
Telephone Number 089-962-6000
Business HoursOpen 9am - 5pm (Last admission at 4:30pm)
Days Closed for BusinessClosed on Mondays (except public holidays)
PriceAdults (over 18) 460yen, Children (6-17) 100yen, Children (under 5) Free, Senior citizens (over 65) 100yen, Holders of a physical disability certificate: Free
Parking2,000 car parking spaces available
300yen per car, 780yen per over-sized car
*Free parking for up to 30 min.
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