Hyotanjima Tour Boat

Hyotanjima is the island-like area comprising central Tokushima City in between the Shinmachi and Suketo Rivers. This tour boat conducts free tours around the island starting from Ryogoku Bridge at the Shinmachi Riverside Park.
Address 徳島県徳島市新町川周辺
Telephone Number 090-3783-2084
Business Hours11:00 - 15:40
(11:00 - 19:40 in Jul. and Aug., 9:00 - 22:00 Aug.12-Aug.15)
Days Closed for BusinessJan.1
PriceAdult: 400 yen Child: 200yen
DirectionsAbout 10 minutes walk from JR Tokushima Station
Word-of-mouth Reviews (TripAdvisor)
RemarksTravel time
About 30 minutes