Uwajima Castle

An excellently-designed strong fortress facing Uwajima Bay
Uwajima Castle, along with Matsuyama Castle, is one of Japan’s twelve originally surviving castles. Once a strong fortress facing Uwajima Bay, the castle is enclosed within an irregular pentagon-shaped land area. The castle was built by Takatora Todo, a feudal lord known for his excellence in castle design. With steep flights of stone steps along its enormous stone walls, the three-storey, triple-layer castle tower stands prominently on a hill top. Inside the castle, you can enjoy the wooden interiors along with views of Uwajima city and Uwajima Bay in the distance.
Near Uwajima
Historic Sites
Address 愛媛県宇和島市丸之内
Telephone Number 0895-22-2832
Business Hours[Gate opening times]
6am - 5pm (October to March), 6am - 6:30pm (April to September)
[Castle opening times]
9am - 4pm (October to March), 9am - 5pm (April to September)
[Folklore museum opening times] 9am - 4pm
Days Closed for BusinessCastle opens every day.
The folklore museum is closed on Mondays (except public holidays, in which case it is closed the next working day) and 29 December to 3 January
Price[Castle] Adults 200yen, Children (6-15) 100yen
Discounts for groups of over 20: Adults 160yen, Children (6-15) 80yen
[Folklore museum] Free
Directions(Closest bus stop)
By Uwajima Jidosha Bus: Uwajima Bus Centre (15 min.)
Parking45 car parking spaces and 3 coach parking spaces available
Cars: 100yen per hour, Coaches: 600yen per hour
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