Surrounded by deep greenery, the town of Niyodogawa in Kochi Prefecture is home to the Niyodo River, a clear stream known for its vibrant blue color. Among the many scenic spots along the river, "Nikobuchi" stands out as a true gem, captivating visitors with its breathtaking beauty. The moment the sunlight hits the water's surface, it sparkles like a precious jewel, leaving you breathless.

Nikobuchi is a small plunge pool with a drop of about 10 meters, but it boasts a remarkable depth of 7 meters. The crystal-clear water reveals a mesmerizing world of rocks and pebbles of various sizes, creating a mystical scene. The surrounding natural landscape merges seamlessly with the pool, offering a sense of purity that washes away the worries of the beholder.

A well-maintained walkway allows visitors to appreciate the beauty of Nikobuchi from various angles. You can choose to descend close to the water's edge to feel the cool breeze, or simply relax under the shade of the trees and gaze at the tranquil surface. The possibilities are endless, making Nikobuchi a truly captivating destination for all.
What to See & Do
Address 高知県吾川郡いの町清水上分1278
Telephone Number 088-893-1211