Kochi Tabi Hiroba (Kochi Travel Plaza)

The Kochi Tabi Hiroba, found in front of JR Kochi Station in the center of Kochi Prefecture, is something all visitors to the area should stop by and see at least once. It’s a great starting point for Kochi sightseeing. At the Kochi Tourist Information Center, “Tosa Terrace”, they have all the sightseeing information tourists could want for a fun trip around Kochi. Inside, the general tourist information desk is decked out in the style of “Machiya” traditional townhouses. They have information on all the tourist sites and the best food in town, as well as on lodgings such as hotels, information about delivering your luggage to your accommodation, and of course, they sell public transport tickets. They have pamphlets on tourist sites and activities, and a corner for introducing seasonal sightseeing information in Kochi Prefecture.

The Kochi Tabi Hiroba also boasts a display of items from the ancestral home of historical patriotic hero, Ryoma Sakamoto, via the Bakumatsu Patriot Film Hall. These items were used in the filming of the Taiga drama “Ryomaden” about Sakamoto’s life, and inside the building is a reproduction of the set used in filming. The set is a masterful replica of a Bakumatsu building, and will charm viewers whether or not they’re fans of this historical period, which marked the end of Shogunate rule. You can also take a photo with someone dressed as Ryoma for a fun trip through time into Bakumatsu Japan. Also located in the same building is the Tosa-ya Shop, with all the Kochi souvenirs and regional products you could want. They also sell packs of Kochi sweets to eat while you take a break. Please stop by at the Kochi Tabi Hiroba to complete your Kochi Prefecture experience. They’ll give you information on beautiful sights and activities, and help you to get in touch with nature, historical landmarks, and delicious local cuisine.
Historic Sites
Address 高知県高知市北本町2-10-17 
Telephone Number 088-826-3337
Business Hours8:30-18:00
Directions1 minute walk from Kochi Station South Exit (Building right in front of Kochi Station South Exit)
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