Iyonada Monogatari

The Iyonada Monogatari is a two-car scenic train that runs on the railroad along the Iyonada Sea (affectionately known as the Ai Aru Iyonada Line, or the "Iyonada Line with Love"). During your travels, you can enjoy stunning views of the Iyonada Sea and the Hijikawa River while you savor a meal made with plenty of quality Ehime produce.
In addition to the scenery and the food, you will also experience the locals' warm hospitality. Local people come out to greet you with handmade banners and wave at you as the train passes by. Enjoy beautiful scenery and a heartfelt welcome on your journey by train.You can now reserve seats on the Shikoku's scenic trains from your own home. When you book your train ticket, you can also purchase a meal ticket as well. Enjoy a meal using the best local ingredients during your ride.
We look forward to having you on board.
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