Temple 83, Ichinomiyaji

第83番札所 神毫山 大宝院 一宮寺
【History of the temple】
Ichinomiyaji was founded about 160 years after the arrival of Buddhism in Japan. The temple's founder was a priest named Yoshibuchi who laid the foundation for the rise of Buddhism in Nara. At that time, Ichinomiyaji was called Taihoin, and it contributed to the spread of the Hosso sect of Buddhism in Nara, as well as to the rise to prominence of Gyoki and Ryoben, Buddhist priests. During the Wado era (708-715), Gyoki restored the temple and renamed it Shingōzan Ichinomiyaji when he built temples named Ichinomiyaji in various regions. During the Daido era (806-810), Kobo Daishi visited the temple and carved a 106-cm statue of Sho-Kannon Bosatsu (Bodhisattva Who Hears the Sounds of the World). The temple was rebuilt and converted to the Shingon sect at this time.

Like other temples, this temple was burnt down in the Tensho era (1573-1592) by the troops of Chosokabe Motochika, but was rebuilt by Yusei Daitoku. In the Edo period (1603-1867), the lord of Takamatsu removed the temple from the management of the nearby Tamura Shrine. This was 200 years before the great movement of separation of Shinto and Buddhism in the Meiji era.

To the left of the Hondo is a small shrine with a statue of Yakushi Nyorai (Medicine Buddha). This shrine is known as The Cauldron of Hell. If you put your head into it, you will be liberated. On the other hand, if you did something bad, you will not be able to get your head out. Once upon a time, a mean old lady living in the neighborhood named Otane-san put her head in the cauldron, saying "No, the legend can’t be true. Let's try it." She put her head in, the door closed, she heard a terrifying noise, and her head was trapped! She was frightened and repented her sins. Then her head came out easily. After that, Otane-san changed and became a kind lady, and she lived a long and healthy life.

The Hondo, protected by a magnificent camphor tree, was rebuilt in 1701 thanks to contributions from many people.
・Hell Caldron
The legendary caldron is said to have been made by Kobo Daishi as a teaching.
・Ichinomiya Goryo

【Annual Events】
・Gomayu (Goma Fire Ritual): 28th of every month from 10:00~.
・Shogatsu Hatsu Gomaku (New Year's Day Goma Fire Ritual): January 1, 13:00~.
・Hatsu Daishi Daihannya Shugyo (Wisdom Sutra Chanting): January 20, 13:00~ (January 20, 13:00~)
・Hoshiku Shugyo (Star Ritual for Warding off Evil): February Setsubun 14:00~ (Feb.)
・Eitai Dosha Kaji Shugyo (Soil Memorial service): May 20
・Kyuri Kaji (Cucumber Blessing Ritual): July Day of the Ox (all day)
・Sennichi-e: August 10
・Joya no Kane (New Year’s Eve bell): December 31, 23:50~ (all day)
Address 〒761-8084 香川県高松市一宮町607
Telephone Number 087-885-2301
free of charge
Website Official website

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