Temple 7, Jūrakuji

第7番札所 光明山 蓮華院 十楽寺
【History of the temple】
Jūrakuji was originally located in Dogahara, Jurakuji Valley, about three kilometers north of the present site. During the Daido era (806-810), when Kobo Daishi went on pilgrimage and preached to people in this area, he saw Amida Nyorai (Buddha of Limitless Light and Life). Kobo Daishi then carved a statue of Amida Nyorai and enshrined it as the principal image of the temple. He named the temple Komyōzan Jūrakuji (Temple of Ten Joys) in the hope that ten bright lights and shining joys would shine upon people despite the inevitable hardships of life: aging, illness, and death.

For a while after its foundation, there was a vast temple complex, the largest in the northern part of Awa, but in 1528 all the buildings were destroyed by fire during the invasion of Tokushima by Chosokabe Motochika, Lord of Tosa (present-day Kochi Prefecture). In 1635 the temple was rebuilt at its current location.

The Hondo was rebuilt in 1994. Chigan Shitsume Kyusai Jizo (Earth Treasury of Curing Eyes), located to the left of Hondo, has long been believed to have power to cure eye diseases and blindness. Many pilgrims suffering from eye diseases visit here. In addition, Aizen Myo’o (Love-dyed Wisdom King), who is enshrined at the Chumon Henshoden, is said to bring good luck and break bad relationships. Many people pray there.

・Aizen Myo‘o
Aizen is a Wisdom King who leads people who have earthly desires to enlightenment. He has the power to bring good karma and eliminate bad karma.
・Chigan Shitsume Kyusai Jizo
This statue is located next to the stairs going up to the Daishido. It has long been known for healing eye diseases.

・The gate of the temple
・Mizuko Jizo (Earth Treasury for Babies, just after the temple gate)
Address 〒771-1509 徳島県阿波市土成町高尾字法教田58
Telephone Number 088-695-2150
DirectionsFrom the Donari Interchange, follow the road along the highway toward Itano. The temple will be on your left.
Parking20 cars and 5 buses, 7:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.
Website Official website
RemarksLodging: Available (70 people, private rooms)