Temple 3, Konsenji

第3番札所 亀光山 釈迦院 金泉寺
【History of the temple】
The temple was built and named Konsenji by Gyoki by order of Emperor Shomu (reigned 724-749). At that time, the principal image of the temple was a 91 cm. tall statue of Shaka Nyorai (the Historical Buddha). Gyoki placed statues of Amida Nyorai (the Buddha of Limitless Light and Life) and Yakushi Nyorai (Medicine Buddha) on either side of this statue when he founded the temple. During the Konin period (810-824), Kobo Daishi dug a well for the villagers who were suffering from drought. The water gushed out and the well became known as The Golden Well that Brings Long Life, so the name of the temple was changed to Konsenji (Golden Well Temple). When Emperor Kameyama (reigned 1259-74) became a Buddhist priest, he venerated Kobo Daishi. The emperor made pilgrimages to sacred sites around Japan and stayed for some time at Konsenji.

During this period, a hall modeled after Sanjusangendo in Kyoto was built and as many as 1,000 statues of Kannon (the Bodhisattva Who Hears the Sounds of the World) were enshrined. The mountain behind the temple was named Kameyama and the mountain name of the temple (temples are metaphorically called mountains and each temple has a mountain name) was changed to Kamekozan. A sutra library was housed in this building, and the temple was crowded with monks of learning. Since then Konsenji has had close ties with the imperial family, and the tomb of Emperor Chokei (reigned 1368-1383) is located behind the Hondo. According to the Genpei Seikatsuki, during the Battle of Genpei (1185), Minamoto Yoshitsune stopped by Konsenji on his way to Yashima to pray for victory and good fortune. To the left of Hondo is the Jibo Kannon Koyasu Daishi, where Yoshitsune prayed. The Benkeiishi (Benkei stone), located on the west side of the temple grounds, is also one of Yoshitsune's prayer sites. It is said that Yoshitsune had Benkei lift the stone to demonstrate his strength.

The Bodhisattva Kannon, who has a parental love that wishes for a healthy upbringing, attracts many worshipers who pray for good fortune.

・The Legend of Benkei's Power Stone
Minamoto Yoshitsune received an order to pursue the Heike clan and headed for Yashima in Sanuki (now Kagawa Prefecture). On the way, he stopped by Konsenji to pray for victory and good fortune. It is said that his retainer Benkei lifted up this huge stone.

・An old sal tree
・Japanese carpenter bee
Address 〒779-0105 徳島県板野郡板野町大寺字亀山下66
Telephone Number 088-672-1087
DirectionsFrom the Aizumi Interchange, take Prefectural Route 1 toward Itano Town, then Prefectural Route 12 toward Naruto City, then Prefectural Route 1. Follow the signs
Parking14 cars, 3 buses, all day
free of charge
RemarksLodging: None