Naoshima Art Appreciation

One of the top art islands in the Seto Inland Sea
Naoshima is a small island located in the Seto Inland Sea between Okayama and Kagawa prefecture, and although it is closer to Okayama’s coast, it belongs to Kagawa. Despite the island’s tiny size, it is renowned for its huge art culture and is home to numerous museums. Many of the island’s top museums, including the Chichu Art Museum and Lee Ufan Museum, focus on contemporary art and are situated along the island’s coast, making for lovely seaside views. Art House Project is another popular spot on the island and features a collection of old buildings such as vacant houses that have been either restored for viewing or converted into art venues where contemporary artists can make the facility as their art space. The facility’s grounds themselves are a work of art.

Of course, one of Naoshima’s most renowned spots is the Benesse House—a contemporary art museum and hotel. The facility displays works from artists in Japan and abroad in a location that was selected by the artists themselves. Apart from the exhibition space, the museum features numerous sculptures and displays, including the renowned Pumpkin and Red Pumpkin by Yayoi Kusama on the facility grounds that have become synonymous with Naoshima’s art culture.
Address 〒761-3110 香川県香川郡直島町
Telephone Number 087-892-3223
DirectionsApprox. 20 mins from Uno Port by ferry
Approx. 60 mins from Takamatsu Port by ferry
Approx. 30 mins from Takamatsu Port by high-speed passenger boat
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