Ikawa Ski Kainayama

井川スキー場 腕山
Ikawa Ski Resort is a ski resort with more snowboarders than skiers, with 30% skiers and 70% snowboarders.
In addition to a total of four courses, there are also slopes for small children.
The "Nadeshiko Course" recommended for beginners is a forest course with a total length of about 800m.
With an average slope of 7 degrees, it is a very gentle slope that can be easily enjoyed with practice.
For intermediate skiers, there is the "Panorama Course" with a total length of about 400 meters which is the main slope where you can enjoy a beautiful scenery.
There is also the 390-meter-long "Takuira Course" with a maximum slope of 25 degrees, where advanced skiers can relax and enjoy their experiences.