Kamegamori: Hikers Road to the Sky

Graded levels of hiking through the Karst landscape of Shikoku
Kamegamori is a mountain in Kochi Prefecture with an altitude of 1897 meters and is in the southern part of Saijo City. The road to the summit can be reached by car or motorcycle. The mountain is popular with climbers and along with Sasagamine and Mt. Ishizuchi.

The easiest route recommended for beginners starts from the top of Kamegamori Road (UFO line).
Access: Matsuyama Expressway Iyo Saijo IC to National Highway 11 to National Highway 194 to Kamegamori Road near the Kanpuzan Tunnel.

One intermediate route is from the edge of Saijo City on the Higashinokawa Forest Road.
Access: National Highway 11 to National Highway 194 to Prefectural Highway 12 to Nishinokawa towards the Ishizuchi Tozan Ropeway.

Another intermediate route is from Furuse mountain climbing entrance to the Nishinogawa forest road. This route is difficult as it involves climbing up a “kusariba”, a chain attached to the mountain.

Access: National Highway 11 to National Highway 194 to Prefecture Highway 12 to Nishinokawa. Use the parking lot around Shimotani Station.

Whether you walk gently up the mountain on the beginners course, or challenge yourself on the others, you will find Kamegamori to be simply gorgeous. Heal yourself in nature.
Near Saijo
Directions2 hours and 10 minutes drive from Matsuyama City.