Experienceing Mount Ishizuchi, the Highest Peak in Western Japan (1-night 2-days)

Ishizuchi, the highest peak in western Japan, has been considered sacred and an object of worship since ancient times. Located almost in the center of Shikoku, the spirit of this mountain is believed to have helped countless pilgrims throughout the ages.

This tour will bring visitors up the slopes of Mount Ishizuchi and along the gently curving “UFO” lines that stretch along the ridges of the mountain. From the top, visitors will be able to enjoy the sweeping landscape surrounding Mount Ishizuchi and on clear days can even catch glimpses of the Pacific Ocean’s far-off blue waters. This unique experience allows visitors to discover the power and charm of the mountain through use of E-bikes as well as one’s own two feet.

●Tour Highlights
・ Cycling by e-bike along the "UFO" lines, whose beauty has been showcased in car commercials as well as other media
・A hike to Jinnengo-no-Kashira, a well known sightseeing location that allows spectacular views of the surrounding area
・A lunch prepared using local ingredients from the mountain and surrounding region

●Main Activity
E-bike Cycling

April to November

●Difficulty Level

Day 1

Arrive at Matsuyama Airport or Matsuyama Station and proceed by private car

Arrive at Roadside Station "Tenku-no-Sato-Sansan" for a break

Arrive at Omogo Furusato Station, prepare for cycling, start cycling – roughly 2 hours uphill
Cyclists will start the Ishizuchi Skyline Hill Climb from Omogo-Furusato Station. The course will go from an elevation of 600m to 1500m and will take visitors to the Ishizuchi Shrine where visitors will be able to experience the Japanese Shrine culture of the mountains

Arrival at Tsuchikoya, end of cycling, transfer by private car

Hotel "Sanso Shirasa"

<18:00> Dinner
Course meal at the hotel restaurant

Sanso Shirasa is located in Ino Town, Kōchi Prefecture, at an altitude of 1,400 meters, in the wilds of Ishizuchi and Bingamori. It was reopened in April 2021.

Day 2

<09:00> Start cycling from the hotel
Cycling preparation, cycling start - UFO line cycling (roughly 1 hour 30 minutes)
The "UFO" Line is a ridge in the Shikoku Mountains. The route offers a good view and is fairly uniform in elevation and provides a magnificent view of the Ishizuchi mountain range, the backbone of Shikoku.

Hike to Jinengo-no-Kashira, the viewpoint of the UFO line (about 30 minutes one way)

<11:30> Lunch
Box lunch with a mountain view ( lunch prepared by Sanso Shirasa)

Tour ends at Saijo Station


<Recommended Items to Bring>
・Clothing suitable for cycling and a change of clothes (quick-drying and highly visible)
・Athletic shoes (hiking shoes) or cycling shoes
・Water bottle
・Sunscreen and sunglasses
・Knapsack or backpack
・Cycling gloves, pants, etc.

<Features of this course>
■Environmental Reminders
・Water bottles will be provided for tour participants, and water tanks will be kept in the accompanying support vehicles
・To avoid environmental impact, we will use restaurants and accommodations that serve food made from local ingredients, taking food mileage into consideration
・E-bikes (electric-assist bicycles) will be used as the main mode of transportation

■Contributions to Region
・All meals make use of locally produced, seasonal ingredients
・All lodgings, services, etc. are provided through local businesses


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