Niyodo Blue: Exploring the Karsts and Rivers of Shikoku (2-nihts, 3-days)

This tour allows visitors to enjoy the mountains and clear rivers of Shikoku. A karst refers to a terrain of exposed limestone rock that are the remnants of what was at one time covered by great oceans eons ago and is a geological feature uncommon across Japan. During this tour, visitors will visit Iwayaji Temple, the 45th temple along the 88-Shikoku Pilgrimage, which is a temple seemingly carved from the side of a mountain. While cycling across mountainous prefectural borders, visitors will also be able to view unique landmarks such as the towering Mimidodake Rock as well as stretches of white limestone karst. The night will be spent in a lodge style accommodation within the wilds of the Shikoku Mountains.
The following day, guests will descent the karst to the clear waters that flow south towards the Pacific Ocean and serve as the source of the “Niyodo Blue,” the clearest water in Japan. Visitors will also experience traditional style paper making in Kōchi Prefecture which at one time produced some of the highest quality paper in Japan.
On the final day of the tour, visitors will experience a leisurely SUP journey down the Niyodogawa River on top of waters reflecting the iconic “Niyodo Blue” color.

・Cyling through the karsts of Japan
・Unique, traditional style ""washi""paper making experience
・SUP experience along the Niyodogawa River
・Sample the local regional cuisine of the season

●Main Activity
E-bike Cycling, SUP

●Months of Operation
April to November



Meet at Matsuyama Airport or Matsuyama Station and proceed by private car. On the way, a break will be taken at the roadside station “Tenku-no-Sato-Sansan” in Kumakogen Town. Visitors will have the chance to enjoy a stroll through the local market. Afterwards, visitors will visit the 45th temple of the 88-Temple Shikoku Pilgrimage, Iwayaji. Afterwards, guests will be brought through the rolling countryside to the Shikoku Karst

Roadside Station "Tenku-no-Sato-Sansan" (purchase lunch box or buffet lunch course avialable)

Arrive at Shikoku Karst ""Himetsuruso"" and prepare for cycling - Karst Cycling (roughly 1 hour 30 minutes)
Enjoy the spectacular scenery of the Ishizuchi Mountains, the backbone of Shikoku, on a route with relatively few differences in elevatio. on e-bikes, which are environmentally friendly. A guide will take you through the nature and history of the Shikoku Karst at each point

Hotel "Tenguso, Hoshifuru Village"

Course meal highlighting the colors, aromas, and flavors of the local region at the hotel

Tenguso Hoshifuru Village is known for its great views of the surrounding nature. These include panoramic rooms as well as a planetarium where visitors can experience the night sky even in bad weather


Restaurant in the hotel

Departure from the hotel and transfer by private car

Washi Studio ""Kamikoya"" Paper Making Experience (roughly 2 hours)
This is an authentic workshop to experience traditional handmade Japanese style paper making

BBQ at Kamikoya

Departure from Kamikoya

Arrive at the Nakatsu Valley for hiking (roughly 1 hour 30 minutes)
Enjoy hiking through the Nakatsu Gorge, where the blue waters of the Niyodogawa River flows through huge rock formations

Check-in at Nakatsu Valley "Yunomori

Dinner course at the hotel restaurant again using all locally sourced ingredients

Nakatsu Valley "Yunomori": A hot spring inn built at the entrance to Nakatsu Valley. There is an open-air bath where guests can bathe while enjoying the surrounding scenery.


Restaurant in the hotel

Departure from the hotel and transfer by private car

SUP Experience at SUGGOI SPORTS (roughly 2 hours 30 minutes)
SUP is a new type of water sport that involves paddling while standing on top of a large surfboard. Even beginners can stand up and paddle, so anyone can try it without any worries.

Ayu fish cuisine at "Uokane" in Ino Town

Tour ends at Kōchi Airport


<Necessary Equipment and Items>
・Clothing suitable for cycling and a change of clothes (quick-drying and highly visible)
・Athletic shoes (hiking shoes) or cycling shoes
・Water bottle
・Sunscreen and sunglasses
・Knapsack or backpack
・Cycling gloves, pants, etc.

・Swimsuit and a change of clothes
・For those with contact lenses, goggles and a change of contacts
・For those with glasses, straps for glasses and glasses case/

<Course Features>
■Unique Experiences
・Cycling through the nature of the Shikoku Karst on high-perofrmance E-bikes
・Accompaninment by a skiled cycling guide
・A suport vehicle will follow along in the case of sudden changes to the weather, etc.

■Environmental Reminders
・Water bottles will be provided for tour participants, and water tanks will be kept in the accompanying support vehicles
・To avoid environmental impact, we will use restaurants and accommodations that serve food made from local ingredients, taking food mileage into consideration
・E-bikes (electric-assist bicycles) will be used as the main mode of transportation

■Contribution to Region
・All meals make use of locally produced, seasonal ingredients
・All lodgings, services, etc. are provided through local businesses


■Please Contact