The Holy Peaks of Shikoku (2-nights 3-days)

The Shikoku Mountain Range runs east and west through the center of the island and is home to two of Japan’s most famous mountains; Mount Kenzan and Mount Ichizuchisan. Both of these mountain peaks are considered as holy grounds for practitioners of Shugendō, an indigenous form of mountain worship and asceticism.
In this tour, visitors will be able to experience a taste of this tradition as they visit these peaks by ropeway and take in the rich culture of mountain asceticism in Japan amid the rugged peaks and slopes of the Shikoku Mountain Range.

・Mount Kenzan and Mount Ishizuchisan, the two most sacred mountains of western Japan
・Soba noodle making experience
・Dyeing experience using locally produced materials

●Main Activity

●Months of Operation
April to November



Meet at Takamatsu Station, will proceed by private car

Take Mount Kenzan lift to starting point

Begin hiking course roughly 1,200m、roughly 1 hour

Reach summit of Mount Kenzan

Continue hiking course roughly 900m roughly 30 min.

Mount Kenzan lift to descend

Departure by private car

Check-in at Montbell Outdoor Village Motoyama (Bathhouse can be used until 20:00)

BBQ using locally produced ingredients

Montbell Outdoor Village Motoyama
Cottages produced by Montbell, a outdoor goods manufacturer. It is also a base for outdoor activities


Breakfast at hotel

Cycling course、roughly 9km, return by private car

Farmlife experience, soba noodle making as well as pizza making

Handmade soba noodles or pizza

Continue cycling course, roughly 9km OR can transport by car

Travel to dyeing workshop

Dyeing experience, t-shirt or handkerchief

Transfer to Saijo City by car

Check-in to hotel

Seafood course in Saijo City

Saijo City Hotel


Breakfast at hotel

Depart for Mount Ishizuchisan

Ropeway to starting position then hiking course roughly 4km roughly 3 hours下

Boxed lunch on mountain

Descending hiking course roughly 2 hours 30 min.


Transport to Matsuyama City by car

Tour ends at Matsuyama Station


<Necessary Equipment and Items>
・Clothing suitable for hiking/cycling and a change of clothes
・Suitable shoes for hiking/cycling
・Water bottle
・Sunscreen and sunglasses

<Course Features>
■Unique Experiences
・Hiking the two most sacred mountains in Western Japan
・Suitable for beginner hikers due to ropeways
・Experience the mountainous side of the Shikoku's countryside

■Environmental Reminders
・Water coolers will be prepared for your usage
・Visitors are encouraged to use personal water bottles over PET bottles
・Visitors are asked to be considerate of environmental concerns and to actively participate in environmentally sound practices while on tour
・Primary form of transportation is E-bike

■Contribution to Region
・All meals make use of locally produced, seasonal ingredients
・All lodgings, services, etc. are provided through local businesses


■Please Contact
KochiAmigo Corporation