Shikoku Sea Food Adventure Travel (2 days 1 night)

Surrounded by the sea, Shikoku is a treasure trove of gourmet marine products. The Seto Inland Sea to the north, with its mild climate and average depth of about 38 meters, and the Pacific Ocean to the south, the most magnificent in the world, offer completely different attractions.
The fish of the Seto Inland Sea, called the ""natural fish tank"" and ""breadbasket of the sea,"" are firmer because they resist the fast tides, and octopus, sea eel, and shellfish that live in the shallow waters where nutrient-rich plankton accumulate have been actively consumed. On the other hand, on the Pacific Ocean side, where the world's warmest and most nutrient-rich current passes through, bonito fishing and its unique food culture have developed.
In this tour, we will visit representative fishing ports and fishermen of the two oceans to learn the secrets of their delicacies, and enjoy the luxury of seasonal marine products prepared in local ways at the time of the tour.

The tour will be guided by local fishermen who will show you the best of both the Seto Inland Sea and the Pacific Ocean, and will offer you a sumptuous meal of seasonal marine products.
We will visit Konpira-gu Shrine, a nationally famous power spot as the god of the sea, and pay a visit to the shrine.
The tour will visit a small island in the Seto Inland Sea with a population of less than 300 people to experience the fishing culture.
In a port town where skipjack fishing is popular, we will observe the landing and auctioning of skipjack and delve deeper into the reasons why Kure's skipjack is so delicious.
Guests will personally cut a whole bonito and eat a straw-roasted lunch.

●Main Activity
Experiencing how to handle fish

●Months of Operation
year round



Gather at Kotohira Station

Konpira Shrine
A shrine that has long been worshipped as a place of safety at sea and satisfaction from a great catch of fish. You will pay a visit to the shrine with a guide.

Transfer by private car to the main island passenger boat pier

Board ferry to main island

Lunch at Honjima Stand

Experience fish handling and visit a fish farm. You will be able to experience firsthand the fascination of fish and the fish-eating culture. You can also eat the fish you have caught.

Passenger boat transfer to Marugame

To Tosa City by private car

Check-in at Sanyoso

Hagi-no-chayapopular restaurant overlooking the beautiful sea and sky of Tosa Bay. Enjoy lobsters from the Pacific Ocean, pirate grilled dishes, sashimi, and more.

Tosaryu Onsen Sanyoso


Transfer to Kure by private car

Observe with a local guide the landing and auction at Kure Fishing Port, famous for its skipjack fishing.

Breakfast of fisherman's rice at Kure Taisho Market

Bonito connoisseur class
Participants will experience and taste how to identify and cook delicious bonito by a skilled bonito meister at Tanaka Fresh Fish Store in Kure Taisho Market.

Stroll through the streets of Kure
The port and fishing town of Kure are designated as cultural assets as important cultural landscapes. This is a 2-hour walk to experience local life by strolling through the unique townscape formed by the fishing town and fishing port, which developed together with skipjack fishing.

Move to ""Kuroshio Kobo"" and then to ""Katsuo Special Experience"".
Cut a whole bonito and grill it on a straw grill for lunch. The bonito you cut yourself will be a superb dish, served with a spectacular view of the Pacific Ocean.

Taxi transfer to Tosa-Kure Station, then disband.
(14:17 for Kochi, 14:38 for Nakamura)


<Necessary Equipment and Items>
Athletic shoes
Water bottle
Sunscreen, sunglasses
Knapsack or backpack

<Course Features>
■Unique Experiences
You will visit local fishermen and enjoy a sumptuous meal of seasonal seafood while listening to a guide who will explain the mysteries of deliciousness.
∙ Observe the landing and auction of fish at Kure Port, famous for Tosa's Ippon fishing, with a guide.
You will also experience a bonito lesson by a skilled bonito meister.
Guests will enjoy a lunch of whole bonito cut by themselves and grilled on the straw.

■Environmental Reminders
Water bottles will be provided for tour participants, and water tanks will be kept in the accompanying support vehicles.
We will use restaurants and accommodations that serve locally sourced food, taking into consideration food mileage to avoid environmental impact.
We will use public transportation, e-bikes, and walking whenever possible.

■Contribution to Region
The meals will be prepared using locally produced ingredients as much as possible.
Restaurants and lodging facilities will be selected from local capital.


■Please Contact
KochiAmigo Corporation