Marugame Uchiwa Fan Kagawa and Kochi Tour 2-nights 1-day

Marugame City boasts 90% of the nation's Uchiwa production. ~As the song goes, "If you put Tosa paper on Iyo bamboo and make Awa (Awa), it will be Sanuki Uchiwa and Shikoku (Shikoku) cool.
In this tour, you will visit a workshop of Tosa Washi, which used to be the main production center of Uchiwa, visit Konpira Shrine, which has been closely associated with Marugame Uchiwa since the Edo period, with a guide, and finally, make your own Marugame Uchiwa from the inspiration you gained during this tour to feel the deep culture and history of the region.

●Tour Highlights
Tosa Washi paper making experience in Ino-cho and calligraphy experience using the washi paper. Cycling along the clear Niyodo River.

●Main Activity
E-bike cycling,
Traditional paper making, traditional fan making

year round

●Difficulty Level

Day 1

Gather at JR Ino Station, E-bike set up

Transfer to Ino-cho Paper Museum (E-bike 1Km)

Guided tour of the history and production process of Ino-Washi paper at the museum

Move to Shikashiki Paper (E-bike 6Km), Washi paper making experience 
You will experience the washi making process you saw at the museum with a washi craftswoman who moved from Tokyo several years ago, attracted by the charm of Ino washi.
You will actually experience the process of washi making that you have seen at the museum. The experience will depend on the season, but will actually begin with the initial stages of peeling and beating the Kozo paper.

<12:00-13:00> Lunch
Enjoy a lunch carefully prepared with local ingredients at COCAGE Villa FUKUYA while viewing the abundant and high quality Niyodo River, which is essential for making Tosa washi paper. Enjoy lunch.

Washi making resumes

Experience calligraphy with a calligrapher (write a kanji character of your choice on the washi you have made under the guidance of a calligrapher)

Transfer to Tosa Washi Craft Village Kurado (1Km e-bike)

Check in at the hotel

Have dinner using local ingredients from the rich natural environment.

We will stay at a hotel in Kurado, a craft village filled with Tosa washi folk crafts.

Day 2

Travel to Kotohira by private car

Visit Konpira Shrine with a guide

<12:00-13:00> Lunch
Lunch at Kotohira Udon Restaurant TSUMUGI, shopping on the approach to the shrine, and e-bike setting

E-bike ride to Marugame City. Travel about 12 km from Kotohira's high lantern to the Tasuke Lantern, looking at the stoneposts and guideposts along the road.

Uchiwa making experience at Uchiwa Workshop "Take" and visit Marugame Castle, a famous stone walled castle, and disband after the tour


<Recommended Itemsto Bring>
・Clothing suitable for cycling and a change of clothes (quick-drying and highly visible)
・Athletic shoes (hiking shoes) or cycling shoes
・Rain wear (top and bottom)
・Water bottle
・Sunscreen and sunglasses
・Knapsack or backpack
◎recommemded goods
cycle pants、glove

<Course Features>
■Unique Experiences
・Washi making experience from the initial stages of peeling and beating Kozo paper in Ino-cho (winter only).
・Your own Marugame Uchiwa fan making experience based on the inspiration (from Tosa Washi paper) gained from this trip.

■Environmental Reminders
・Participants in the tour will be provided with water bottles, and water tanks for drinking will always be available in the accompanying support vehicles.
・We will use restaurants and accommodations that serve locally sourced food, taking into consideration food mileage to avoid environmental impact.
・E-bikes will be used for transportation.

■Contributions to the Region
・ For meals, local food will be provided.
・For bike rentals, experience programs, restaurants, and accommodations, local businesses will be selected.


■Please Contact
KochiAmigo Corporation