Citrus on Shikoku (2-nights 3-days)

From sweet-sour to bitter spice and with a range textures the freshness of the citrus fruits found on Shikoku are a source of great pride and can even be considered as a source of entertainment. In addition to the taste, the form, shape, weight, and leaves of these fruits all tell a tale of cultivation that emerged from a process of trial and error and this history is fascinating to uncover.
In particular, Ehime and Kōchi are considered to be the powerhouses of citrus production on the island and due to the ideal terrain, mild almost Mediterranean climate, as well as the innovation of farmers, citrus fruits are harvested practically year-round. In this tour visitors will sample the flavors and aromas of the harvest season by experiencing a journey across the farms that make it all possible.

・Cycling along the picteresque Shimanami Kaido Route
・Experience local lemon harvest
・Visit the largest area for the cultivation of yuzu
・Making ""inaka-zushi,"" a highly regionalized form of sushi made from local/seasonal ingredients found in the countryside

●Main Activity
E-bike Cycling

●Months of Operation
Year round



Meet at Imabari Station

Cycling Course, Imabari Station~Kurushima Bridge~Ōmishima, roughly 35km by E-bike


Lemon picking and lemonade making experience on Ōmishima

Continue cycling route, WAKKA ~Ōyamazumi Shrine roughly 5km by E-bike

One of Japan's most important shrines

Transfer to Miyaura Port by bus

Breaktime at Imabari Station

Transfer to Matsuyama City by train

Hotel check-in

Dinner in Matsuyama City

Hotel in Matsuyama City


Breakfast at hotel

Transport to Kōchi City by bus

Arrival in Kōchi City

Transport to Yasuda Station

Box lunch inside train

Arrive at Yasuda, begin E-bike course

Cycling course, Yasuda Station ~ retro movie theater roughly 4km

Tour of the Daishin Retro-Theater

Cycling course, Daishin Retro Movie Theater ~ Umajimura Onsen, roughly 20km by E-bike

Hotel check-in

Dinner at Umajimura Onsen

Umajimura Onsen, hot-spring style inn popular with locals


Breakfast at hotel

Tour of local yuzu processing plant and local yuzu fields, Umajimura is one of the biggest producers of the yuzu fruit in Japan

Making "inzaka-zushi" experience, local style sushi prepared with seasonal ingredients


Cycle to Yasuda Station, roughly 25km

Tour ends at Yasuda Station


<Necessary Equipment and Items>
・Clothing suitable for hiking/cycling and a change of clothes
・Suitable shoes for hiking/cycling
・Water bottle
・Sunscreen and sunglasses

<Course Features>
■Unique Experiences
・Cycling the searoute over the Shimanami Kaido Bridge
・Visiting one the largest producers of yuzu fruit in Japan
・Making highly regonalized dishes such as inaka-zushi, etc.

■Environmental Reminders
・Visitors are encouraged to use personal water bottles over PET bottles
・Visitors are asked to be considerate of environmental concerns and to actively participate in environmentally sound practices while on tour
・Primary form of transportation is E-bike

■Contribution to Region
・All meals make use of locally produced, seasonal ingredients
・All lodgings, services, etc. are provided through local businesses


■Please Contact
KochiAmigo Corporation