Traditional and Contemporary Architecture Tour (2-nights 3-days)

Kengo Kuma, the Japanese Gaudi. Just as in Barcelona, the presence of architecture colors the landscape of a town and enriches the lives of its inhabitants. While touring Ehime Prefecture, Shikoku's pride in contemporary architecture, this tour will highlight the quality and potential of Tosa lumber and traditional construction methods, and together with a guide, will take you to towns decorated with buildings designed by Kengo Kuma, one of Japan's most prominent contemporary architects.

・We will ride an e-bike around ""Uchinuki"" (self-flowing well), pure underground water that has been gushing out since ancient times in Saijo, the water capital of Japan.
・We will stay at Japan's first zero-energy hotel.
・Cross the bridge connecting the islands of the Seto Inland Sea by e-bike and enjoy the best view on the Shimanami Kaido.
・In Yusuhara, the ""City Above the Clouds,"" we will explore Kengo Kuma's buildings, which are in harmony with nature, with a local architectural guide.

●Main Activity
E-bike cycling

●Months of Operation
All Year



Meet at Iyo Saijo Station at 9:30 a.m. (From Matsuyama by Yosan Line: 8:10-9:08 a.m. Matsuyama-Iyo Saijo Ishizuchi-10)

Water City Saijo Water Tour Cycling


End of cycling

Check-in at ITOMACHI HOTEL 0 (zero) and refreshment

Guidance on the concept of urban development and zero-energy hotel through the "Ito Project" supervised by Kengo Kuma and the transition of Kengo Kuma's architecture

Itomachi "Regalis" Terrace BBQ

Japan's first zero-energy hotel, designed by Kengo Kuma & Associates. It will open in May 2023.



Departure from the hotel and transfer by private car

Arrive at Sunrise Itoyama, prepare for cycling, start cycling - to Roadside Station Yoshiumi Iki-Ikiikan (e-bike approx. 7 km, 1 hour).
Enjoy cycling along the Shimanami Kaido and head for the Kengo Kuma-designed Kameroyama Observatory.

Lunch at Roadside Station Yoshiumi Iki-Ikiikan

Roadside Station Yoshiumi Iki-Ikiikan - Kameroyama Observation Park (e-bike 5km, 30min.)

Roadside Station Yoshiumi Iki-Ikiikan - Kameroyama Observation Park (e-bike 5km, 30min.)

Gumirosan Observation Park - Sunrise Itoyama (e-bike approx. 12 km, 1 hr. 30 min.)

Refresh at Sunrise Itoyama (shower, change clothes)

Departure from Sunrise Itoyama by private car (with a break on the way)

Check-in at Hotel "Marche Yusuhara

Kochi Prefecture's local cuisine "sarabachi" at hot springs above the clouds or restaurants in town *Mini sarabachi using famous plates are also available

Marche Yusuhara
Completed in 2010. The distinctive thatched exterior walls were inspired by the thatched chado" that the people of Yusuhara have used to entertain travelers. The guest rooms are lined up to watch over the atrium, which functions as a marketplace (=marche) for local ingredients."



Kengo Kuma Architecture Guided Tour
Yusuhara is a small mountain town that has greatly influenced Kuma's current design philosophy. An "architectural guide" living in Yusuhara will take you on a guided tour, introducing the relationship between Mr. Kuma and Yusuhara from their first encounter to the present, and explaining the birth story and design of each building. The tour will take visitors from the traditional architectural style of Yusuhara-za, the playhouse that inspired Mr. Kuma, to the Kengo Kuma buildings scattered throughout the town center.

(via Mokubashi) Shokado box lunch at Onsen above the clouds or pheasant set meal at Kusabuki

Transfer to Kochi Station (by car or by bus or JR)

Dismissal Kochi Station


<Necessary Equipment and Items>
・For those with contact lenses, goggles and a change of contacts
・For those with glasses, straps for glasses and glasses case
・Comfortable walking shoes
・Rain coat
・Water botle
・Sunglasses, sunscreen

<Course Features>
■Unique Experiences
・Kuma Kengo is a world-renowned architect who utilizes wood and traditional Japanese construction methods in modern architecture.
・We will stay at one of Kuma's most recent works, Japan's first zero-energy hotel, and deepen our understanding of sustainable tourism and urban development.
・Cross the bridge connecting the islands of the Seto Inland Sea by e-bike and enjoy the best view of the Shimanami Kaido from the Kamereoyama Observatory, an "invisible architecture" that blends with the earth.
・Yusuhara, a "city above the clouds" where Kengo Kuma's buildings are compactly clustered, will provide a glimpse into the origins of Kuma's design philosophy that addresses the natural environment."・

■Environmental Reminders
・Water coolers will be prepared for your usage
・Visitors are encouraged to use personal water bottles over PET bottles
・Visitors are asked to be considerate of environmental concerns and to actively participate in environmentally sound practices while on tour

■Contribution to Region
・All meals make use of locally produced, seasonal ingredients
・All lodgings, services, etc. are provided through local businesses


■Please Contact
KochiAmigo Corporation