Journey to Shikoku Deep Japan Adventure
Journey to Shikoku Deep Japan Adventure
Découvrez les merveilles de SHIKOKU
A Journey Through SHIKOKU
A Journey Through SHIKOKU | KOCHI
SHIKOKU - Émerveillez-vous ! Voyages d'aventure à Shikoku
Situé dans le sud-ouest du Japon, Shikoku attise la curiosité des aventuriers du monde entier.
Trois raisons sont à l’origine de cet intérêt. Tout d'abord, Shikoku a la coutume d’offrir l'hospitalité aux pèlerins
Ohenro-san, de préserver la culture japonaise traditionnelle et de vivre selon la sagesse ancestrale.
Deuxièmement, une multitude d’aventures attendent les voyageurs entre des gorges, la magnifique mer
intérieure de Seto bordée d'îles et de grandioses et majestueuses montagnes vénérées. Enfin, les routes de
l’île compacte de Shikoku, l'une des quatre grandes îles du Japon, sont parfaites pour en faire la découverte à
vélo. Explorez tous les attraits de Shikoku avec « Émerveillez-vous ! Voyages d'aventure à Shikoku ».
「THE FACES OF SHIKOKU」30 seconds ver.
「THE FACES OF SHIKOKU」3minutes English ver.
Adventure Travel in Shikoku/四国のアドベンチャートラベル
HENRO Shikoku Sacred Pilgrimage, Japan, 4K (Ultra HD) FULL
Shikoku may be the smallest of Japan’s four major islands, but it is home to one of the country’s most significant traditions—the Henro. Thanks to this one-of-a-kind pilgrimage, Shikoku’s four prefectures are connected spiritually and geographically. This sacred journey is comprised of 88 temples scattered throughout Shikoku, and provides adventure seekers the opportunity to dive deep into the local culture and traditions of the island, and the opportunity to discover the warmth of its people, and the true spirit of Japan.
HENRO Shikoku Sacred Pilgrimage, Japan, 4K (Ultra HD) 60sec
HENRO 10 Reasons to visit Shikoku, Japan 4K (Ultra HD)
In Shikoku, there are abundant nature of the sea, mountains, rivers and many historic sights ,such as Iya, Kotohira and Shodoshima.Please watch this video to see how charming those area are.
Discover SHIKOKU
Shikoku is the smallest of Japan's major islands, and the least explored by tourists. But did you know that Shikoku is home to the Shimanami Kaido - an incredible cycling route across six islands of the Seto Inland Sea? Watch this video to find out more about the sights of Shikoku, and to see the Shimanami Kaido route for yourself.


SHIKOKU HENRO Adventure Tour in Tokushima
Magnifique Tokushima(Français)
Tokushima en plein air(Français)
Village d'une mer de nuages(Français)
Le pèlerinage de Shikoku et un pèlerin(Français)


A Journey Through SHIKOKU | KAGAWA
Setonaikai National Park Land and Sea, Wind and the Sun
Setonaikai National Park Dusk of Goshiki-dai
meet my kagawa 2019SS | Japan Travel
What’s Kagawa? Where’s Kagawa? Isn’t Kagawa a soccer player??
Not exactly! Kagawa, located in Shikoku, is Japan’s smallest prefecture.Even though Kagawa is small, it is full of charm.
In episode #01, we’ll introduce all the best that Kagawa has to offer? history, culture, art and food!
We hope you’ll “meet your Kagawa” ? the Kagawa that is just right for you!
What to do Setouchi Triennale in 2019 Part 1 | meet my kagawa
Setouchi Triennale is the art festival held on 12 islands and 2 ports in the Seto Inland Sea once every three years.
The Setouchi Triennale takes place in the picturesque setting of the Seto Inland Sea. Its theme is the Restoration of the Sea, and it aims to revitalize the island communities that once thrived in this beautiful natural environment and to transform the region into a Sea of Hope.
What is Sanuki Udon? | meet my kagawa #3
What is Sanuki Udon?
What brings you to kagawa? | meet my kagawa #5
What brings you to kagawa?
We had an interview with tourists!
Tabieats meets Kagawa | meet my kagawa
Tabieats meets magnificent scenery to food, activity, wonderful culture in Kagawa!
Touring Kagawa's Food Scene | meet my kagawa
Touring Kagawa's Food Scene
Timelapse Trip in Kagawa | meet my kagawa
Shikoku Ohenro Pilgrimage Teaser | meet my kagawa
OHENRO is the term for the Buddhist pilgrimage around the island of Shikoku, Japan.
Kagawa introduction.~What is Kagawa like?~ | meet my kagawa
Kagawa introduction.~What is Kagawa like?~
meet my kagawa 2020 Spring/Summer
An amazing vacation:Digest
This movie is a promotion video of Kagawa prefecture.
An amazing vacation:ChuseiSanDigest
This movie is a promotion video of Kagawa prefecture.
Udon Prefecture: Traveling Through the Four Seasons [3min]
This movie is a promotion video of Kagawa prefecture.


A Journey Through SHIKOKU | EHIME
Murakami KAIZOKU of Shimanami Kaido~
The Shimanami Kaido is a tourist destination famous for the beauty of its many islands, where cyclists from all over the world gather. About 500 years ago, a group called the Murakami KAIZOKU, the largest band of pirates in Japan, ruled this area of fast and complex currents. “Kaizoku” is usually translated as “pirates”, but missionaries from Europe denied that the Murakami were pirates. Why was that? Introducing the truth of the Murakami KAIZOKU in a TV drama that transcends time.

Rod Walters: A modern-day guide (as himself)
Norman White: Luis Frois, a missionary from the 1500s
Ladybeard: A crossdresser who likes the Shimanami Kaido
Soaring Ehime
Explore the tourist spots of Ehime like a bird flying through the sky.
Ehime is home to the history rich 3,000 year old Dogo Onsen, has many fun activities such as Canyoning for visitors, and is home to many delicious gourmet dishes.
Once you see it, you will be sure to be drawn towards Ehime as well.
Experience Ehime Japan
"Ehime, Japan", a beautiful and spiritual area where is derived in Japan's oldest history book" Kojiki ".
You will enrich your mind through experiences such as OHENRO pilgrimage of authentic Japanese culture and cycling in nature field with local hospitality.


PR "Ultimate Blue" de la région de la rivière Niyodo de la préfecture de Kochi
Shimanto River Valley
Shimanto River Valley in Kochi Prefecture, Japan, winds quietly through the forested mountains for almost 200 kilometers. Known as “Japan’s last pure river” this is where delicious food, myriad amusement and quiet reflection time awaits.
The Culture of Kochi
Re-connect in Kochi, Japan. All five senses feel revived as visitors take the time to really see what Kochi has to offer. The scent of freshly picked fruit, warm and welcoming smile from local residents, clean lines of a fern in Japanese Washi paper. The soft wind blowing through lime-colored bamboo leaves and oh, the light. Sunlight, starlight, moonlight; every type is pristine and joyful.
Shimanto River Valley, Cycling Version
Kochi offers a uniquely remote getaway for all. Athletes can cycle or run, families can laugh as they play in the clear river, couples can reconnect and talk over delicious locally sourced food and individuals can disconnect from all the bustle for just a few precious moments, hours or days. We invite you to join us in this pristine, welcoming and healing place.
Kochi Yosakoi Festival 2019
Yosakoi Festival is a traditional festival that originated in Kochi Prefecture in 1954, with the aim of providing a stepping stone to economic recovery. The festival is a summer tradition of Kochi, held over four days every August, with about 200 teams and 20,000 dancers performing throughout the town. Since the Yosakoi dance only has a few basic rules, such as the need to hold a Naruko, it has easily fused and further developed with the cultures of various places. It is now held in over 200 places in Japan and more than 29 countries and regions overseas.
The blessings of nature - Four Seasons PV- VISIT KOCHI JAPAN
Kochi Prefecture is considered a wonderful destination by travel enthusiasts because it is blessed with abundant nature and allows one to escape the business of everyday life. Each season offers its own unique charms, and breathtaking beauty. Be assured, a fantastic experience awaits you in Kochi!
The blessings of nature - spring PV- VISIT KOCHI JAPAN
Kochi Prefecture has the earliest blooming cherry blossoms in Japan. Our famous skipjack tuna is also in season at this time. We invite you to enjoy flower viewing while savouring the local delicacies of Kochi Prefecture.
The blessings of nature - summer PV- VISIT KOCHI JAPAN
Summer is the best season to experience Kochi. The streets overflow with Yosakoi dancers and you can enjoy activities like canoeing, kayaking, rafting and camping. We are certain you will love Kochi, a place thriving with energy!