An E-bike trip to the sea, mountains, and rivers that represent Shikoku that should be visited (5-nights, 6-days)

An e-bike tour visiting various sea, mountain, and river attractions representing Shikoku and its rich culture. With the newly built bridge, visitors can now take a boat ride and look back to the old days of the Seto Inland Sea, absorb the spirituality of the Japanese at Mt. Ishizuchi, and interact with locals at the Niyodo River. The three stops are filled with rich Shikoku culture. Seto Inland Sea used to be a home to pirates, the highest mountain in Western, Japan, Mt. Ishizuchi is revered as a sacred mountain, and the Niyodo River is a miraculously clear stream that flows with the blessings of water.

・Pray for travel safety at Oyamazumi Shrine, the god of the sea, and Ishizuchi Shrine, the god of the mountains
・Experience a boat ride navigating between the islands through tidal currents, resembling rapids of a canyon.
・Take the challenge of hill-climbing on your e-bike along the Ishizuchi Skyline with a 900m elevation gain.
・Cycle the UFO Line, a panoramic "Road in the Sky", along the Shikoku Mountain ridge.
・Attempt Stand-up paddleboarding (SUP) down the Niyodo Stream, whose unique blue color draws worldwide attention from both Japan and overseas for its Niyodo blue color.

●Main Activity
・E-biking (SUP river rafting included)

●Months of Operation
・From April to November



Meet at "Dogo Hakuro"

<Dinner> Ochaya "Hanahimerou"
Enjoy sake and Japanese food with geiko at a teahouse in a tatami room.

<Accommodation> Dogo Hakuro
Experience the Japanese atmosphere in the hot springs of a pop-style hotel in Dogo Onsen.
Tour orientation led by Adventure Travel guide.


Transportation via private car to "WAKKA", the starting point of the cycling tour.

Start cycling at "WAKKA". As the tour utilizes e-bikes, this activity is enjoyable for all fitness levels. Shikoku is surrounded by water and the trip begins at sea. Cycling at a leisurely pace, riders can take in the world-class beauty of the archipelago as well as the bridges connecting the islands. While biking, tourists can take the time to reflect upon the lives of people when bridges were not yet built. A sense of anticipation builds as cyclists are able to sneak a peak of the Ishizuchi Mountain skyline from the islands, a day in advance. During the cycling tour, make sure to stop by the Oyamazumi Shrine for a prayer to the god of the sea for a safe journey. This shrine prides a deep history of more than 1,300 years.

Boxed lunch with an amazing view

After visiting the Pirate Museum and reminiscing about the Seto Inland Sea in the past, and experience ocean rapids as if they are pirates.

Resume cycling. Depart for Sunrise Itoyama, Imabari city cycling terminal.

Transportation via private car to Matsuyama Dogo

Dinner at "Sukekaku Dogo Branch". Enjoy fresh fish from the Seto Inland Sea with locally brewed sake.

<Accommodation>Dogo Hakuro 
The hot springs will relieve cycling fatigue and help in preparation for hill climbing tomorrow.


Transportation via private car to "Omogo Furusato no Eki (Omogo Specialty Product Development Center)," the starting point of the cycling tour.

Starting Ishizuchi Skyline Hill Climb Cycling from "Omogo Furusato no Eki". From enjoying the sea yesterday, riders will now transfer their rejuvenated energy to land where they will attempt to climb the highest mountain in western Japan, Mt. Ishizuchi, by e-bike.
Climb up 900m from 600m to 1500m above sea level and stop by the Ishizuchi Shrine, where visitors are greeted by a conch shell. Don't forget to pray for a safe trip to the god of mountains.

<12:00pm> Lunch
Lunch (pasta with wild boar sausage) using local gibier (wild hunted meat) will be served on the Tsuchikoya terrace.

Resume cycling at the UFO Line, a ridge in the Shikoku Mountains. This route offers a good view with few elevation differences and a magnificent view of the Ishizuchi mountain range, the backbone of Shikoku.
On the way, tourists can take pleasure in a one hour hike to the gently sloping summit of Mt. Kegamori will also be enjoyed.

Transport by private car from the end of the UFO line to the hotel.

<6:00pm> Dinner
Arrive at the Ryokan "Akiba no yado." ("Ryokan" is the word for a traditional Japanese inn)
Enjoy the local cuisine in the ryokan's dining room.

The view from the hotel window of the reservoir lake as well as stars in the night sky are worth checking out.


Photo credit(The first one)Aso Submergible Bridge:Niyodo Blue Tourism Council

Start cycling from the Ryokan and head downstream along the Niyodo River.
On this day, visitors will have the opportunity to participate in river activities including SUPing and cycling along the water. The Niyodo River which connects Mt. Ishizuchi, is known to have the best water quality in Japan and tourists can take part in this river life through several thrilling activities. The red chert bedrock in the upper reaches of the river is scraped and rolled out by the river current, and ends up as five-colored stones on the river bottom in the middle and lower reaches. Visitors will experience the flow of the river connected from Mt. Ishizuchi.

Arrive at the Waterside Station Ainosato. Enjoy the view of the Niyodo River while eating local cuisine.

After lunch, start SUP. A 4 hour SUP rafting experience of 10km to the SUP base, SUGGOI SPORTS.

Arrive at SUGGOI SPORTS. Transport to the hotel by private car.

Arrive at Kamenoi Hotel Kochi. Enjoy local cuisine at the hotel restaurant.

<Accommodation>Kamenoi Hotel Kochi
The view of the Niyodo River from Ino and a variety of hot springs will soothe the fatigue of travelers.


Photo credit(The first one)Paper Museum:Niyodo Blue Tourism Council

Depart from the hotel and start cycling. Today we will visit traditional industries in the Niyodo River basin.
First, experience handmade washi paper (traditional Japanese paper) at the Ino-cho Paper Museum. After that, we will visit the Tosa Washi Workshop. Tosa washi has been made in the middle basin of the Niyodo River for more than 1,000 years. The washi industry developed because of the abundance of water and good quality lime. After learning about the history and process of Tosa washi at the Paper Museum and experiencing papermaking, visitors will visit the workshop. By learning about the traditional manufacturing process and the craftsmen's dedication to their craft, visitors will satisfy their intellectual curiosity.

Enjoy ayu (sweetfish) cuisine from the Niyodo River at Uokane.
Uokane, the lunch place, is a fish shop with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) in mind. The restaurant purchases natural ayu (sweetfish) caught by local river fishermen with their rods.
The name "Niyodo River" comes from the fact that ayu caught in this river was delivered to the Imperial Court's Niedono (there are various theories).

<1:00pm>Resume cycling after lunch.
This tour, which followed the Niyodo River from its headwaters at Mt. Ishizuchi, now comes to an end. Continue cycling along the Niyodo River until reaching the estuary where the mouth of the river meets the Pacific Ocean.
In the lower reaches of the river, sake brewing using subterranean water is thriving. Let's visit the Kameizumi Sake Brewery to get a taste of this culture.

Depart from Kameizumi Sake Brewery and transport via private car to the hotel.

Arrive at Richmond Hotel Kochi. After checking in, walk to "Hirome Market," which should not be missed when visiting Kochi. At the food court, travelers will be able to choose what they like and may even have the chance to interact with locals having a drink at the table over.

Back to Richmond Hotel Kochi for a good rest.

Last Day

Depart from the hotel and return on your own.


<Necessary Equipment and Items>.
・Clothing suitable for cycling, change of clothes (quick-drying and high-visibility clothing)
・Sneakers (hiking shoes) or cycling shoes
・Rain wear (top and bottom)
・Water bottle
・Sunscreen and sunglasses
・Knapsack or backpack
・Bicycle pants and gloves

・Swimsuit and change of clothes
・Shoes that can get wet and thick soled sport sandals with a back strap (only sizes 22-28cm are available for rent).
・Towel, bath towel
・Contact lens wearers should bring goggles and a change of contact lenses.
・Glasses straps for glasses wearers.

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