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Explore Cultural Shikoku

Explore Cultural Shikoku

Kagawa / Tokushima

Journey across Shikoku's land and sea, and discover the culture and natural beauty of the area. With this two-day course, you will visit an important Buddhist temple, explore contemporary art by the sea, witness panoramic views, and participate in a traditional workshop. Our first stop is Sohonzan Zentsuji! For this trip, we recommend using public transportation.

Nature and Food Tour across Shikoku

Nature and Food Tour across Shikoku

Tokushima / Kochi

Traverse Shikoku's great outdoors, find spiritual enlightenment, and savor authentic local cuisine with this two-day trip through the region! Car travel is optimal for this trip as some areas are difficult to reach with public transportation. For the first location, we recommend departing from a station between Sadamitsu and Tsuji Stations along the Tokushima Line. There are a few car rental places along this train line.

Shikoku's Diverse Nature

Shikoku's Diverse Nature

Ehime / Kochi

Explore Shikoku's natural and traditional charm! Located in western Shikoku, this three-day trip will introduce you to mesmerizing nature, immaculately preserved historical architecture, a meditation experience, and a luxurious train ride. In addition to the train, we recommend car travel for this course as some spots are difficult to reach via public transportation alone. Also, in order to participate in all the elements of this trip, be sure to visit during spring or summer. First stop Ozu City!

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Shikoku is brimming with natural beauty and rich cultural traditions. At the island's heart, vast mountains and crystal-clear streams make for an impressive scene, while encircling the entire island is an ancient Buddhist pilgrimage route complete with no less than 88 temples.



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